Catania in the background, her people in the foreground.
It’s the synthesis of the “Visions” showed in this small gallery.
Squares, gardens, markets, staircases, alleys, parts of the city out of the baroque style circuit go to make up

the stage where unawareactors follow one another on.
The pictures of this section represent a tribute to this unawarenessand to the mistery beating time to gestures,

situations,spontaneous happenings.

I went with Stefano amid Catania’s streets, taking a casual route.
It could be anywhere in the world, but it was right there, alongEtnea Street, in Carlo Alberto Square, at the

harbour and around the Duomo.
Stafano caught the images in his Rolleiflex like in a net thrown by fishermen into the waves.
I was the witness of that fishing. I loved the generous sea who let it happen.
I invite you to share its fruits, to enjoy them slowly,with the rythm of the tongue pressing the “granita”
against the palate to get mulberry and almonds flavours
gushed out.

                                                                                                      Paolo Bonesso