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The vibro syllable AUM is the sound giving rise to
every single sound;
it's the preeminent Mantra, the voice of all the elements:
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aether.
It's the volcanoes rumbling, the river murmur, the thunder roar,
the wind breath, the birds warbling, the man word.
It's the voice of Absolute, the cosmos energy, the word of Divine.
It's the symbol of three divine aspects:
Creation, Conservation, Transformation.
It's the three universal essences result:
knowledge, existence, absolute happiness.
It's the no beginning, no frontiers, neverending perfection.
It's the inborn strenght being in everything, it's the
joy of existing, the full beatitude awareness.
It's our true name: AUM

Repeating it every single day, the mental qualities get powerful
and all the energies and latent inner faculties are stirred up.

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